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We are just getting started!  But we are serious about ending the life of waste plastic.  Here's where we are headed:

Caris Cares Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation incorporated in the State of California and is dedicated to the environment and the erasure of waste plastic.  Our mission is to promote processes, collections, educational programs, and technology which are designed to end the life of waste plastic while focusing on waste plastic's advantages after collection. This organization is key to providing a central clearing house for waste plastic collection starting locally and expanding to the State of California with goals to service global waste plastic collection alliances.

Caris Cares Inc. looks forward to promoting processes in waste plastic that will support a clean environment.  We see a central collection point for those non-profit organizations collecting waste plastic.  It is imperative that the next generation be aware of waste plastic’s epidemic spread on our world.  Caris Cares Inc.’s waste plastic educational presentation programs will be available to all grade levels, community organizations and other gatherings.  Our vision for Caris Cares Inc. includes a special focus on underserved communities which now lack choices for affordable, clean, safe energy alternatives. 

By providing a central location here in Merced, CA for collected waste plastic, Caris Cares Inc. will afford other entities to have a location where collected waste plastic may be delivered for processing.  In turn, Caris Cares Inc. will be able to compensate those entities for the waste plastic and possibly for shipping costs of that waste plastic.  Within this central location, Caris Cares Inc. will provide jobs, community education regarding waste plastic, and coordinated delivery of cost effective, clean energy generation to underserved communities and disaster relief needs.

Goals for this determined organization will include a strong focus on funding including grants, private donations, and revenue from selling waste plastic.  Additionally, Caris Cares Inc. will build partnerships with non-profit and for-profit organizations who support the environment and clean energy.  Through social media Caris Cares Inc. will keep the public involved in this important mission.

Caris Cares Inc. is an organization which is ready to combat the assault of waste plastic on our environment.  Our climate is at a tipping point.  Without intervention, waste plastic will compromise our oceans, waterways, land, and air.  Caris Cares Inc. is dedicated to ending the life of waste plastic.

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